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Organic Manure (1Kg)

High Organic Matter, High Water Retention
₹ 30.00

Organic manure, a nutrient derived from organic sources like waste of animals, vegetable compost, agricultural residues, human excreta, etc. Organic manures are natural products used by farmers to provide food for the crop plants.

Benefits of using Organic Manure:

They increase the organic matter in the soil which in turn releases the plant food in available from the use of crops.

Organic manures enable a soil to hold more water and also help to improve the drainage in clay soils.

They even provide organic acids that help to dissolve soil nutrients and make them available for plants. 

Manure provide the plants with equired necessary nutrients to grow and to produce flower & fruits.

Organic manure play the role of breaking down the complex inorganic nutritional supplement into simpler organic ones.


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