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Balcony & Terrace Organic Gardening Advocacy

I’ve always been fascinated with growing vegetables at home. But we were not having any sizable backyard where we would grow all sorts of vegetables, fruits & flowers. Undaunted, I decided to try growing vegetables in pots and GrowBags. At first, I made a lot of mistakes. So I persevered, until I finally got to harvest my vegetables & fruits.

With each successful harvest, I became obsessed with growing more and more varieties. I had to research for more information about particular life cycle of the plants & the variety of potting mix. Later, I realized that it was very difficult for a home maker to arrange all the gardening items from just one place especially at affordable prices. Just to get a good prepared potting mix and different organic fertilizers we all have to pay a lot, and eventually we drop our interest to grow vegetables, fruit & flower in our home garden.

So,I decided to create my own online store "Naviisha Greens" & a Shop "Swati Store" in Channasandra, Whitefield. My passion turned into an profession because everyone should enjoy his or her own garden at home with limited space. Through Naviisha Greens, I hope to make good quality gardening products more accessible to gardeners like you. As much as possible, I only use or recommend products that are natural, organic, or environment- friendly.

One of the usual problems that we encounter as gardeners is how or where to source good quality gardening products, like seeds, soil enhancers and organic pesticides. There are numerous choices if you search online for gardening products - from seeds, fertilizers, tools and all. However, you’re never really sure about their quality or effectiveness, unless you try them yourself.

As part of my advocacy, I’ve created Naviisha Greens. My goal is to set up a one-stop-shop for all your urban gardening needs. I make sure that all the products that we sell in this online & offline shop are useful and effective for you (Yes, I have used them myself). In that way, you don’t end up buying products that don’t work or that you don’t need at all.

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you find the information that you need here.


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