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Cocopeat Block(5Kg) - Multipurpose Growing Media for Seedling & Plants, Expands upto 75 litres of Cocopeat Powder

Cocopeat is a By-product from the extraction of coconut fiber from the Husk. Husks are dried in natural sun and are processed to cocopeat block.
₹ 270.00

This is a cuboid coconut peat block made out of natural ingredients. It is used for germination of seeds, enriching the soil with nutrients, growing plants and for other gardening uses. It expands upon adding water to it. It helps to retain a high amount of moisture and is resistant to any bacteria or fungal growth.

Benefits of Using Cocopeat Block:

It improves aeration in the soil for optimal root growth.

It helps in maintaining the ideal nutrient availability for plants.

Retains moisture up to 70%, Stores And Releases Nutrients To Roots Over Extended Period Of Time Enhancing Plant Growth.

Cocopeat is an ideal media for all types of potted plants as well as for growing vegetables, flowers or herbs from seeds