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Spreadon - Wetting Agent Surfactant Spreader 100 ml for Plants

It is also called as wetting agent or surfactant or spreading agent or penetrating agent. Spreadon is capable of reducing the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved. When Spreadon Solution is sprayed over the plant leaves, it spreads all over the plant leaves and when the plant eating insects eat the leaves, it affects their life cycle. Spreadon is soluble in water and in most solvents used in pesticides. Spreadon acts as a wetting, spreading and sticking liquid agent suitable for all types of crops and safe to use.
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Benefits of using Spreadon:
- It is safe for agro application.
- Increases wetting power and improves dispersing.
- Having very good stability.
- Helps to deep penetration and quick drying.
- Most suitable for bio-pesticide / organic pesticides formulations.