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P- Shakti - Plant Immunity Booster (250ml)

Potassium silicate is approved by the USDA as a fertilizer for conventional agriculture, and is used on variety of crops including rice, wheat, barley, sugar cane, melons, grapes, cucurbits, sugar cane, and ornamentals. Potassium silicate is also used to control certain fungal diseases on high value plants such as fruits, vegetables, flowers & ornamentals.
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Benefits of P-Shakti:

  • Increased plant strengthening and stress resistance leading to increases in agricultural production (yield).
  • Beneficial in hydroponics, Coco-Coir and soilless blends, potted plants in prepared soils as well as for garden cultivation.
  • May be used as a growth enhancer in addition to your regular fertilizers.
  • Use mild solution for young plants, perennials, and as a foliar spray.
  • Use full strength solution for fast growing annuals during foliar and structural growth, as well as flowering and fruit production.
  • Strengthens plants, improving plant stature which leads to advantageous exposure of leaves to light.
  • Improves stress resistance, drought tolerance, heat and cold stress tolerance.
  • Improves plant growth including structural and foliar growth, increases yield, improves flower and fruit production.