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Humi Granules - Soil Conditioner (1Kg)

It accelerates plant metabolic processes and helps to enhance the uptake of nutrients. Humi Granules are granulated organic natural product which is derived from seaweed. It has natural amino acid, hydrolyzed protein complex, bio enzymes and essential nutrients. It improves plants tolerance to stress, adverse seasonal condition and pests diseases. Amino (10%) + Humic (50%) + Organic matter
₹ 165.00


  • Humi Granules is a organic & Minerals substances which is essential for plants
  • When act as a soil conditioners plant energizer flowering stimulant & Plant Canopy endanger & yield booster.
  • It is a promoter’s uptake of macro & Micronutrient retains water soluble in organic fertilizer in the root Zone & releases them to plants when needed.It is organic granule fertilizer extracted from natural leonardite and weathered Coal and it is a permanent humic substance and cannot be degraded that fast by the microorganism in the soil. It is a natural additive for fertilizer to improve the structure of the soil and Increase the fertility.


  • Store in a cool & dry place. Keep Away from Children


  • For 2ft Plant use 10Gm /plant
  • For 4ft Plant use 15Gm /plant
  • For 6ft Plant use 20Gm /plant