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Coir Seedling Cup- 4 inch ( Set of 5 Pieces)

Coir Pot is manufactured by making use of best quality coco fibres, which enables to retain water for maximum time along with cocopeat. Coir or Coco pots used for bulk production of saplings in nurseries, at houses indoor and outdoor. Aeration will be better than any other kind of planters. These Coir pots can be directly placed in side the soil along with the plants. Roots without any damage can be planted into soil easily in which our coir pots acts as a saver & long term water distributer.
₹ 200.00


  • By using our coir products there is less water usage as it holds for more days for the plant along with Cocopeat, Pour little water once in 3 days.
  • Our Coco Products along with Cocopeat, Soil and Organic Manure in the ratio 60:30:10 gives best results.
  • Our Coco Products has aeration which helps in plants growth.
  • Our products allow the roots to breath, Which is important for the result of plants growth.