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Coco Fiber Mulch MAT - 12 INCH (4 Pieces - Coir Weed MAT)

Coco Mulch Mat is manufactured using finest quality coconut fiber and natural latex. They are placed around the stem of various plants. The offered product efficiently protects plants from night frost in winter. Moreover, it is used for helps in maintaining soil humidity. It also protects plant roots from damage that can be caused by erosion. This product is durable and possesses a great capacity to hold water.
₹ 160.00


  • By using our coir products there is less water usage as it holds for more days for the plant along with Cocopeat, Pour little water once in 3 days.
  • Our Coco Products along with Cocopeat, Soil and Organic Manure in the ratio 60:30:10 gives best results.
  • Our Coco Products has aeration which helps in plants growth.
  • By using our product coco mulch mat enclosed along the stem, you can avoid water evaporation and control weeds.
  • Our products allow the roots to breath, Which is important for the result of plants growth.